Finding the Right Builder and Architect

Building a new home or a new commercial building is a once in a lifetime occurrence for most people. While your personal phone contacts may include a substitute baby sitter or second-string plumber just in case, they probably don’t include an architect or builder that you have a relationship with and keep on your speed dial in the event you decide to build a new house or new office building tomorrow.

You will be spending countless hours with your architect, then your builder, over the lifetime of your project. So, in addition to the professional qualifications that you might want to vet, you will need to find pros that you will be able to work with easily. No project, and we repeat, no project, has ever progressed without a few bumps in the road. Even a few minor miscues or miscommunications can lead to expensive mistakes and redos. You must have a trusting and mutually respectful relationship with your architect and builder in order to navigate your way through these periods when nothing seems to go right.

Building is an expensive, time consuming process. The rewards are many including the satisfaction of completing a project that is truly your own and that is fully customized to your particular requirements. There are few shortcuts in the building process because of the limitations that weather, environmental conditions, local building codes and your budget impose on a project. Most building tasks need to be done a certain way in order to satisfy regulations and stick to a timeline and budget. Having the right architect and right builder for your home or commercial building will mean the difference between success and a lifetime of headaches.

Some builders say their biggest challenge is their buyer’s mentality. There are very few projects that require more than two or three bids, yet owners are keen to get a dozen bids or more for a typical-sized home or building. Think about it this way, as you were dreaming all those years of the perfect home for your family, or the perfect warehouse for your business, did you ever once dream of building it with the lowest bidder?

Price is only one of the variables that enter into a good, working, professional relationship with your architect and builder. Finding the right pros to help you realize your dreams takes a little upfront groundwork to make sure your project has the best chance of success.